There’s a cloud app for every business problem. Small businesses have found cloud apps a great boon. Cloud apps are a great way to streamline business processes such as project management, human resources, accounting, customer relationship management, and more. It’s simple to start using a subscription-based model. You only pay what you use. If you don’t watch out, many overlaps can lead to inefficiencies and higher costs.

Reduce IT costs

Cost efficiency is the most obvious advantage of consolidating applications. Although subscriptions are generally cheaper than hosting apps onsite, cloud apps can still be costly. Business apps typically charge a monthly fee depending on how many users use or how much storage is used. These fees can add up, especially if you pay for multiple apps with similar functionality.

Get more done

Subscriptions can be expensive and reduce productivity. Moving between apps, like task switching, can frustrate your employees and waste time. These lost hours and minutes add up to the time that could be used for higher-value tasks. These are just a few examples of how consolidating work can reduce stress.

Technology simplified

Although cloud apps are easier to set up than on-premises solutions, they don’t come with any hassle. Someone, usually IT, must maintain them. You may need to add or remove users from apps as your roles change at work, integrate apps with other systems, such as an identity management solution, and troubleshoot issues your employees might have with your software.

Reduce costs by consolidating apps

Take a look at the key factors to cost reduction, and then do a self-assessment of your organization to determine if you are ready to simplify and optimize.

Get better insight

Data is your greatest asset. Data analysis is essential for understanding your customers, identifying sales trends, and keeping track of production issues. You may be missing important insights if financial, customer, and project planning data are scattered across multiple apps.

Consolidating apps into one solution or a set of well-integrated Business Intelligence Tools makes it easier to analyze data across the company and uncover key insights that will help you make better decisions. 

Tighten security

Every device, account and app can be a gateway for malicious actors looking to steal your data or disrupt your business. Because many people use the same password across multiple accounts, you are at higher risk for security breaches when you use apps from different vendors. An attacker can access other accounts and your corporate network if a compromised account is opened.

How do you know if there are too many apps?

Cloud apps are simple to find and use. You may not even be aware of all the apps your company uses. Even if you have been careful about choosing apps for your business, there might still be opportunities to consolidate. These are some indicators that your company uses too many apps:

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