Many business blogs cover topics such as how you start your business, small business trends, and marketing tips. While some of the most popular business blogs were established over a decade ago and others have gained much popularity in the last few years, many other blogs have been successful.

A new study by QuickBooks has shown that nearly 4 out of 10 people are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. They turn to websites and business blogs for advice. For business advice, more than half of people turn to Google. Another 40% look to experienced small-business owners for help.

There’s a blog for everyone, no matter where they are on their business journey. Instead of searching search engines for the best blogs today, we have compiled our top picks. We’ve divided them into seven main categories because they cover many topics.

  • Starting up
  • Sales
  • Culture and people
  • Marketing
  • Growth
  • Freelancing
  • Finance

These blogs often have overlapped, so we placed them all in the category that best reflected their content.

Small Business AdministrationCongress established the U.S. Small Business Administration in 1953 to help, counsel, assist and protect small business interests. This website provides information about almost every aspect of running a small business and details on funding options and requirements to become a government contractor.

The blog section of their business blog is hidden from most visitors. There’s so much information that the blog tends to conceal. Recent posts have provided advice to small and medium businesses on financial tips for starting your own business, how to train your first employees, and what new entrepreneurs make the most common marketing mistakes.


SCORE is backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration and supported by a network of 10,000 volunteer mentors. It offers low-cost, free consulting services for entrepreneurs who need assistance growing their businesses and navigating unfamiliar territory.

The blog contains hundreds of resources covering various topics, including advice from entrepreneurs such as Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

Derek Sivers’ Blog

Derek Sivers’ blog has one of the easiest layouts online. Derek’s varied career includes being a musician-producer, performer in the circus, entrepreneur, TED speaker and book publisher. He is not just a business blog. Derek also talks about his fascination with psychology, business, philosophy and culture.

Derek uses his posts to reflect on topics that intersect with work and personal life. In his essay “Don’t start a company until people ask you to,” he questions why people start businesses too early. He writes that he meets many people interested in starting a business. Some don’t even have an idea. This is something I don’t get. It’s almost like wearing a bandage on a wound that isn’t there.


WPBeginner, as its name suggests, is a beginner’s guide for WordPress content management system WordPress. It shows web designers and anyone creating their blogs how to set up WordPress sites quickly.

The blog contains helpful tips and tricks on setting up WordPress and optimising it for new visitors. There are posts about everything, from the best WordPress themes in hotels to advanced customizations.


ConvertKit allows you to market your services via email. They invested in a blog that teaches people how they can make a living online.

The blog was split into articles about building an online business and Tradecraft monthly issues. Each issue is focused on a particular theme and includes articles that relate to it. Recent issues include “Building Your Businesses With Online Courses,” The Freelancer’s Field Guide”, and “Design for Nondesigners.”

James Clear’s blog

James Clear states that the central question behind his work is “How can we live more comfortably?” He has been writing, travelling, and entrepreneur for nearly a decade.

His blog is more than a business blog. You will find posts about how to improve your habits, increase creativity, enhance physical performance, and maintain optimal health and lifelong learning. This core thesis states that any business will be able to grow tremendously if its owners make improvements in their personal lives.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Fire Nation is most well-known for its podcast. It features interviews with top entrepreneurs around the world. The podcast has more than 1,700 episodes as of today. This daily broadcast features John Lee Duma talking with entrepreneurs about their experiences and giving business advice.

The blog complements the podcast and expands on the audio content.

Altucher Confidential

James Altucher, an angel investor and prolific writer, is a well-known entrepreneur. James Altucher started building websites as a college student and sold the company for $15million. He was soon bankrupt. James has founded 20 companies and 17 failings, but he learned from each.

James was depressed in his worst moments. However, he realized that his greatest successes in life were only possible when he invested in himself. James Altucher has a podcast called The James Altucher Podcast. He also blogs. He blogs about investing, entrepreneurship and choosing yourself.


Manta is an excellent online resource for small-business owners. They offer products, services, and educational opportunities that will help entrepreneurs be more competitive.

Many articles on their biz blog provide small business news, tips, and advice. You can also find research data, insights, and information from industry experts, webinars, and a variety of free courses at The Academy.

No Small Business Law blog

Nolo started publishing DIY legal guides for small-business owners in 1971. This was long before the company began blogging. Nolo is now one of the most trusted online legal resources. It aims to simplify the legalities involved in running a small business.

They provide high-quality, legal content for readers on topics such as how to write a business plan that is legally sound, structure agreements with independent contractors, and create an LLC.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder, as its name implies, is primarily a personal finance site that helps its visitors save money. It shares unique job opportunities, personal stories and freebies.

Side gigs are one of the most important sections of this blog. It includes many articles that offer different ways to make additional income. Working from home is another important category. It provides ideas on making your skills monetizable and helps you create a home-based company.


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