These blog examples have unique features that have attracted thousands of readers. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel – make the best. Look at these thriving blogs and learn how to apply those same success strategies for your blog.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is a blog that sells speciality teas. Their blog is humanized while still staying true to its brand. Sweet Leaf Tea’s blog design gives it’s brand a more casual, human touch.

The casual fonts and informal language used to highlight the site’s features are evident in the image below. This strategy draws their target audience in instantly because it’s more people-speak than marketing-speak.

Sweet Leaf Tea showcases its employees in a casual, friendly way. They post photos of their colleagues (they call them Tea Mates) and provide a glimpse into their fun work environment by sharing the Tea Mates’ nicknames, interests and other details.

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman shows an example of a well-run lifestyle blog. Ree Drummond is the blog’s founder. She uses her blog to promote her cookbook and showcase her photography. Ree Drummond’s “secret sauce” is her ability to connect with her readers and create a warm, welcoming, and friendly experience for her readers, one blog post at a time.

Her simple bio best displays Ree’s warm personality on her home page. Take a look at Ree’s social media sites. They are easy to find and have been uniquely designed to match her website. This is smart branding at its finest!

Ree’s blog header is another way she stays consistent in her branding. It changes depending on the season or time of year. This small detail is in keeping with the blog’s overall vision. Country life is so much about holidays and seasons. Notice her great use of photography. A blog needs to have photos. These photos are important if you want to create an experience or feeling for your readers.

Also has a blog layout that is simple to navigate. You can decide. These little touches are just a few of the many reasons her readers keep returning for more.


Citrix’s unique blog strategy is all about adding value. Work Shifting is a blog about work and life that highlights the challenges people face when they are on the go. It’s not easy to identify which company is behind this blog. Citrix minimizes their involvement. Instead, have put the needs of their audience and created a space that is relevant to their audience’s interests and needs.

They also use distinctive visual branding to distinguish their blog from others, including their logo and images. Their visual branding is also memorable, which is another sure sign that a blog is successful. Notice below how their topics and branding are tailored to the target audience’s needs. This is a key point when you want to create a bigger blog than your brand.

Citrix also uses a wide range of contributors, even though they do not work there. This is a clever strategy to diversify your blog’s content and attract new readers through those who already follow your contributors.

Tip: Make sure you add value to the market beyond your brand by working with experts in your field who can resonate with your target audience. To keep the focus on content, offer as much value as possible. Keep your sales messages as simple as possible. This strategy will help you build trust and keep your

Danny Brown

Danny Brown’s blog provides a great case study for consultants and anyone with a personal brand. This website positions Brown as an expert in his area and showcases his knowledge, expertise and services.

This blog has a wonderful feature: Danny’s ability to present his consulting services without being pushy or arrogant. It all comes down to the language he uses. He uses “Work with Me” instead of “Hire Me” on his website. It’s subtle, but it creates an entirely new experience.

In the above image, you can also see Danny using the Cliffhanger concept to post a short excerpt of a blog article and then add a “read more button” to get them to go deeper into his site. This powerful method is great for grabbing people’s attention and getting them to spend some time on your site. This concept allows you to save space on your website by only displaying a small portion of your article content.

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Ecoki offers a variety of articles, tips, and ideas about living a green life.

This blog’s beauty is its grid-based, clean template. This layout makes it easy to navigate and highlights the different topics. They make the site easy to navigate by adding easily-visible headers such as featured articles and the latest news. Sometimes, all it takes to increase engagement with your content is to call out specific site areas.

Ecoki also offers two types of navigation bars. The navigation bar at the top lists the topics they cover, such as food, technology, and design. The navigation under it shows their media delivery, including videos and information on contributors. The two navigation bars allow readers to control how they consume content.

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