You can encourage your team to work remotely, or create a program to make it more common. Your efforts will not only increase morale and retention but also help to reduce environmental pollution and assist your company in reaching its sustainability goals. The impact can be substantial.

Computers & Phones

A computer and a phone are the first necessities for anyone working remotely. While some companies may give their employees computers or phones, a Pew Research Center 2015 study found that 73% of Americans own a laptop or desktop computer. 45% have a tablet, and 92% have a smartphone or cell phone.

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Access to the internet, particularly broadband, is essential if you work remotely. Most Americans have internet access at home. According to Pew Research Center, ” about three-quarters” of Americans have access to broadband internet at home. Your workforce may already have it and pay monthly for it. It would be nice to offer a stipend for your team to offset their monthly costs. However, broadband is an already paid service, so it is reasonable to assume that it wouldn’t be compulsory.


It’s easy to assume that everyone will have the same version of the most popular word processing and spreadsheet software in their home. Don’t make assumptions. Ensure your team members access the same software at home before they start working remotely. They will be able to create professional documents and collaborate with others. Consider giving your team access to a cloud-based software version. This will allow them to update their software automatically and allows everyone to access the same tools, no matter where they may be.

Document Sharing

A cloud-based document-sharing platform can be a great option for employees who need to work together on one file. Document sharing services can provide a place to store files organized by client or project. Online collaboration tools can also help improve teamwork. They can help ensure that everyone is clear on the task and provides them with the opportunity to have team chats about direction.

Team Chat & Web Conferencing

It can be hard to find a way to meet up with your team members, whether in the same city or across the world. Innovative team chat and web-conferencing tools make it easy to communicate with others, no matter their location. You can easily share information with one person or a group by allowing them to see comments or hear the speaker. Web conferencing allows meeting attendees to pick up on nuances and view materials like in a conference room. This allows you to engage your audience and have productive, meaningful discussions without traveling.

Allowing your employees to work remotely is one of the best ways to improve the environment. Even if you live thousands of miles away, working together can be as simple as working in an office. It may also have the data you need to work remotely and reduce environmental pollution. This can help increase morale and retention.

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