You can make your home a home, whether it is an apartment, condo or just you and your parents. You will be happier, more productive, healthier, and better off if you take pride in your home. Although I have always been fascinated by interior design, it was only when I started watching HGTV that my life changed. Here are ways you can make your home a home.


It’s a joy to visit someone’s house and see the treasures they have displayed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lit candle, a frame to hang on the wall or a book on the coffee table. It’s part of their lives that they want to share with their guests.


When House Hunters are on, everyone says, “I want an Open Floorplan”, and you sit there and think, “duh!” Everyone does! But there is a flip side to having an open floor plan. The downside to having a very open floor plan is that you have very little wall space. We realized that there was only one wall we could use to do something important, and we decided to purchase a custom piece. We wanted to work with an artist who was close to Atlanta. We ended up choosing Kristen from NG Collective. You can see them and even contribute to the custom commission.

Invest in REALLY Good Dishes

My first real set and all subsequent sets of dishes were bought online. I was looking for large and deep square dishes. It sounds great in theory, but it is not as good in practice. I could not lift the 16-piece set when I tried to grab it. This should have been my first clue, in hindsight. The dishes were heavy. This is not a matter of “ooh, nice & sturdy”, but I cannot hold it – heavy. It became so heavy that it was difficult to hold while microwaving, washing dishes, or eating. It was a lesson learned.


I wouldn’t say I like it when things aren’t finished. I hate seeing boxes all over the place or spaces that are not finished. We furnished our entire first house in one month when we moved in. This was not only time-consuming but also costly. We redid our basement a few months later and bought this West Elm leather sofa. We paid more for this sofa than we did for the other three, but it was a piece we knew we would be kept in our next home. We are proud to have made adult purchases.


For tidying, the rule of thumb is to break it down so that it doesn’t seem overwhelming. On the minimalist-to-hoarder scale, my preference is to be minimalist and recycle as much as possible. Do not let things pile up. If they do, set aside some time on Sunday morning to get rid of them.


Loving guests are the most important thing to have in your home. Your home should be filled with family and friends. Don’t worry about dirty dishes or shoes at the door. This means your home is your home, and you welcome your guests to it. Enjoy your company, serve food and drink, and listen to loud music. What good is it if you don’t want to share your great place with others?

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