Shondra, sorry Shondra. The ‘Year of No” is a real thing. (That’s a clever reference to Shondra Rhimes’ “Year of Yes” book for non-literary friends. ) I stress the projects I have to finish to be ready for the week. My friends and I want to have fun and be active. I’m hyperaware of what I could be doing to be more productive than relaxed. It isn’t easy to find the right balance between productivity and overwork. I have to stop saying it as often as I can to be present in my downtime truly. Here’s a list for beginners of things that you should stop saying yes to.

Trust me, and it’s real. You want to say “no”, but FOMO is real. The feeling of being overwhelmed by something and not part of it is yours. FOMO is something that affects everyone. However, in an age where self-love is vital, you need to recognize the line and say no. Here’s where you need to start:

Unhealthy Habits

My lunch break consisted of me working at my desk, eating a chicken-avocado wrap with buffalo sauce (duh). Now I spend 2-3 hours exercising. You can get rid of your bad habits and start to adopt healthier ones. You will feel happier and more productive.

Plans Every Weekend

My friends would agree that every weekend is a marathon. We focus on spending time with our friends and getting to know each other. I enjoy spending time with friends, but sometimes I miss out on a few events to be there for my friends. #TacklingFOMO

Toxic Friendships

It can be not easy to end friendships with people you have been friends with for a while or if you are familiar with the same circles. It’s important to end toxic friendships for you to move on with your best self.

Keep Holding on to the Past

Some children’s childhoods were not filled with unicorn toys and loving parents. While our circumstances have shaped us, they don’t have the right to define who we are. Refuse to invite others to your pity party and instead focus on what you can do to propel yourself forward in the future. Remember that Oprah, RBG and MJ all came from humble beginnings.


Negative self-talk, negative talk of others and overall negativity are all examples. Negative self-talk and negative talk about others are not good. Talk about gossip and share the latest podcast or a recipe with your friend. You have so many wonderful things to share with people, so why not concentrate on the positive?


You are busy, tired, stressed out, sick, on the road, or otherwise uninterested. These are valid excuses, but they’re still excuses. Sign up for something, then don’t make excuses and get on with it. It’s impossible to do until it’s done.


It’s easier said than done, but I get it. While stress can be inevitable at times, you can take steps that will help reduce stress. Do you feel overwhelmed by the tasks in front of you? You can list your tasks and divide them by day, hour and week. Visualizing things can help you get rid of the urgency and put it on paper.

The Snooze Button

Many people live by the “in five minutes” principle, aside from the alarm clock. Do not put off what you can do right now. It breeds procrastination, and it never gets done more often than it is. Use the rule. Do it in five minutes or less.


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