Many of the most successful entrepreneurs are avid readers. Warren Buffett reads 80 per cent of his daily work, Bill Gates only reads one book per week, and Tesla’s Elon Musk is an avid reader.

Reading every day is a good way to develop a reading habit. Choose content that will allow you to grow as a small-business owner when choosing your reading material.

These 20 articles provide useful tips and tricks for business owners to get you started.

Top 20 Business Articles:

Mark Cuban Speaks Out on These Dumbest Things Entrepreneurs Do. EntrepreneurYou’ve probably seen Mark Cuban on Shark Tank or heard about his numerous business ventures. Cuban knows a lot about business management. Cuban urges new entrepreneurs to avoid falling into these easy-to-miss traps.

How do small business loans work? The Fora Financial Blog

It is important to learn how small business loans work if you are interested in additional funding for your business. This comprehensive guide will help you apply for, qualify for and repay a small business loan. This is how you can get the financing your business needs.

What makes a leader? Harvard Business Review

Many hats are required of business owners. But the most important is being a strong leader. Harvard Business Review discusses the characteristics of a leader and ways to improve your leadership abilities in this article.

Why Do You Hate Your Work, New York Times

Only 13 per cent of employees worldwide feel fulfilled at work. It’s not surprising that so many people dislike their jobs. This article will help you create a fulfilling work environment for your employees.

50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur,

Do you struggle to find a passion-driven career, or are you stuck in a boring job? Maybe you aren’t interested in working for others and prefer to work alone. You might be the right person to become an entrepreneur. These 50 signs will help you identify your entrepreneurial potential.

How To Become A Millionaire By 30,

Entrepreneurship is not just about making money. Many people want to be their boss. Grant Cardone shares his ten steps to becoming a millionaire in this article.

Why Google doesn’t care about college degrees,

Google is the best place to find proof that you don’t need a college education to start your own business. This article explains five reasons Google executives don’t care about college degrees when hiring.

7 Rejections,

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky received five rejection letters from potential investors. He was ignored by two of the three other people he tried to contact. This article examines the seven rejections Chesky received while he was seeking funding for his company, which has made a significant impact on the world of travel.

What’s My Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs?

Gary Vaynerchuk outlines his top three tips for entrepreneurs who are just starting. The best startup advice you’ll ever receive.

This article is packed with punch. It contains the best startup advice compiled by some of the best founders in the country.

Six Steps to Writing a Business Proposal,

Writing a business plan is one of the many challenges first-time entrepreneurs face. This six-step process will take the guesswork out of your business ideas.

12 Small Business Startup Prices You Should Expect, The Fora Financial blog

Every expense that you have to face is not predictable. You can control what you can by planning for the startup expenses you should expect as a startup founder.

What Different Industries Can Use A Small Business Loan? The Fora Financial Blog

This guide offers growth tips for almost every industry. We offer ideas for how different industries could use a business loan.

How Customer Surveys can Improve Your Business,

You need to get feedback from your customers and then put it into action if you want to keep them happy. This Hatchbuck article outlines three methods to use customer surveys to get deeper insights and determine ways to improve your business’s products or services.

Everything seems to be moving online these days, and your payment processing system should. This article will help you ensure that your business uses the best payment software.

Keyword Research for Content that Generates Leads. Duct Tape marketing

Keywords can be powerful tools to help you get valuable organic traffic to your website. This article will show you how to search for the correct keyword.

Why Should Anyone Follow You? Harvard Business Review

Before starting and growing a business, you should ask yourself the following question: Why should I lead anyone?

The psychological price of entrepreneurship,

Entrepreneurship can bring you wealth and freedom, but it comes with a price. This article discusses the psychological downsides to pursuing full-time entrepreneurship.

How to hire the right person,

The key to success for a business is hiring the right people. This article explains how to hire people who will help your company grow and thrive.

What to do if your business loan application was declinedFinancial Blog.

Cash flow is vital to your business’s survival. If your loan application is denied, it can be frustrating. We will discuss the steps to take to get your loan approved.

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