Joan Didion said it in 1979. But, it has always been true. It is still true today. We have infinitely more options to share and tell our stories. You can easily shoot high-definition video with your phone and then upload it to any social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube. It is easy to combine media by combining text, images and audio. We can build millions of followers without needing to find an agent or publisher. You can easily share your thoughts and opinions with anyone who is listening. 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers claim they are more connected to YouTube creators than other celebrities.

Marketers, are you paying attention?

Digital storytelling is not just a means to reach consumers; it’s also a way for them to be involved and to learn from them. This post will discuss a few ways your company can harness the insights from digital storytelling to drive success.

Honest Feedback: Turn to Content Creators

People tell their stories because they are telling their stories. They also tell the stories of what they love–the things that make the happiest. Content creators share their opinions and influence their audience, from makeup tutorials to game reviews. Listen to their opinions, even if they don’t portray your product or services in the best light.

These are the people that you should be trying hard to win over. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to doing the same amazing things as you. They have spent time considering why X is better for them than Y and want to share that reasoning with others. They are helping other people make buying decisions. It’s free advertising if they like what your product is selling.

If they don’t, it could be because there is a reason. Maybe a foundation is just too powdery. Perhaps the most recent RPG would be better if it had a better open-world layout. Although these examples seem simple, it’s not. Listen to the feedback of people who truly care and are knowledgeable. You should implement what they have said if you agree with it.

Find out Which Channels Are Most Important

One in three households with a head of household under 35 doesn’t have satellite or cable. What will it take to make that number two in three?

Television advertising is not the same giant it was once. The number of YouTube channels earning six figures is up half a year. Advertising on non-traditional digital storytelling platforms is a smart move.

How do you know where to find the greatest success?

It’s easy to get good analytics nowadays, which is a great thing. You can track click-through rates to find which channels bring in the most revenue. You could also broadcast your promo codes to multiple podcast hosts and see which one gets the most business.

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