Background blur is a technique that photographers have used for many years to keep their focus on the most important subject. To make an element stand out, focus on what is in front of you and remove any distracting details or hard lines from the background. The same technique can keep your attention during important online meetings.

More people are working remotely. This is because it’s easier to focus on important tasks during conference calls or meetings. Distractions in the office can cause distractions even if you aren’t working from home.

Recent research found that 13 minutes of a 38-minute conference call are lost due to interruptions and distractions. This applies to everything, from online interviews and presentations to employee training sessions to brainstorming, sales pitches, IT support, customer service and webinars. Using background blur or any of the many virtual backgrounds options available can help reduce distractions and make it easier to focus when working remotely.

These options are available in your meeting software. You should be able to activate background blur and an image in just a few simple steps if your meeting software does.

You should generally find this option under your audio/video settings when you start or join meetings

Click on “Settings”

See the options

Click on the option to blur your background or select an image.

Microsoft Teams is available for free.

That’s right, free. Like Rs 0. Use chat, file sharing and video calling to work together.

You can blur your background or choose from pre-made images. However, you might also be able to upload your virtual background. Many meeting tools allow you to create custom backgrounds, from clean, modern office spaces to serene parks to famous tourist attractions to your company logo.

Some meeting software allows you to integrate apps such as Snap camera to create static images with filters. Look for tools such as XSplit Virtual Camera to create dynamic images.

Backgrounds can be used to increase attendance and add personality. A recent survey found that 23% of US workers feel uncomfortable in video meetings. 75% stated that they prefer audio over video. Many people fear public speaking. However, 40% of respondents said that the background setting causes hesitation.

Encourage your attendees to create background or background blur by being the host to make them more comfortable participating in your next meeting.

Video conferencing has never been so powerful and essential. It allows you to connect, make meetings more personal, improve communication and create a better business environment. You can make your next video conference more productive using custom backgrounds, background blur, and all available onboard software tools.

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