It’s incredible how the mood you feel can be affected when you are traveling on business. And if you are in a bad mood, your performance could suffer. Meetings might not go as smoothly as they should. You may make the biggest professional mistake of your career by a chain of events.

Okay, this may seem a bit dramatic. It’s not exaggerated to say that the hotel experience affects business people in different ways. How can hotels make themselves more business-friendly and avoid the common annoyances that plague business travelers? Here are some things that every business traveler hates and what hotels can improve.

The Long Sermon

It is only natural that receptionists have information to share with guests. The amount of information will vary depending on the hotel. There are many things to choose from, including the pool, spa, and business center. Other amenities include vending machines, ice machines, and restaurants. A tired businessperson may have endured a long introduction speech when what they really want is to get a hot bath and go to bed.

Why don’t people say it? Many people are polite and won’t interrupt. The receptionists know they are just doing their job and do not want to cause tension. It’s easy to fix. What do tired business people really need to know? Ask them directly if they would like to learn more about the hotel or if they prefer to get into their room as quickly as possible. Most people will appreciate the question. When in doubt, you can direct guests to a TV-based guide or ask them to contact you if they require more information.

By the way, you might want to reconsider your approach if, although you have an online check-in, there is no separate queue.

The antique ironing set

It’s good to be zen when preparing for a meeting. It’s hard to achieve this with an ironing set-up like Aunt Edna’s. Here, we are not longboarding. We are ironing. Ironing boards and irons that are easier to use, sleeker, and more user-friendly are very useful for business travelers. Do we have to search for the iron? Place the iron next to the board of ironing!

The dysfunctional workplace

Business travelers complain most about the placement of electrical outlets in their rooms, as well as uncomfortable chairs and inadequate space for laptops. Business travelers won’t return if the guestrooms lack essential workspace features. We know that many people prefer to use their mobile devices while sitting on their bed. However, for serious work, an ergonomic chair (not a table) and a desk at the correct height are essential.

The Mystery Shuttle

It’s not very…businesslike to wait for an airport shuttle without any information. The people don’t expect a free airport shuttle to be just as convenient as their car, but they would like more information. According to a study conducted by the Global Business Travel Association and AccorHotels on frequent business travelers, an improved technology for hotel shuttles was high on their wish list.

Uber drivers, pizza restaurants, and taxi companies use this improved technology around the globe. Fitting hotel shuttles to GPS technology and offering real-time tracking via an app or website allows your guests to make informed decisions about whether they want to wait for the shuttle or choose alternative transportation.

The darkened Kitchen

We are proud of our healthy work-life harmony in Australia. However, business travelers often work more while on the road. It can be frustrating not to be able to get a snack or drink after work. Business-minded hotels are implementing innovative solutions such as 24-hour kiosks that offer pre-packaged food and beverages similar to those found at airports.

The growing number of business travelers who do not drink water from the tap are also concerned about the issue. If you are traveling on business, liberal policies regarding bottled water can have a positive impact on brand loyalty and perception. If you are concerned about the environment or social issues, support companies like Thank You that use their profits to finance overseas water projects.

Let guests know if you offer food delivery in your area. It is not good for business to have guests wait in the lobby for a pizza van.

The Service Gap

Business travelers want simple solutions to their problems. They don’t want three people to be contacted if something is wrong or missing in their room or if they need to report it. Time is precious. It’s for this reason that properties that can afford to do so, such as Hilton and its HH app, offer guests the option of interacting with staff via text messaging or digital ticking. Chatbots (which are becoming more common) are another way to do this.

Just good business

Back in the days when I was working at the reception, my goal for the day was to change the mood of the guests. I knew that if guests were unhappy upon arrival, they would be even more unhappy once they reached their rooms and began to find faults. I thought I did my job if I could make a guest smile before they left my desk. I helped them as well as my employer. The guest will associate the hotel’s good business with the timely actions of the staff and the useful flourishes. If hotels want to attract and retain more business bookings, they must constantly review and improve the guest experience.

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