The world is digital, and marketing has changed beyond recognition. Many digital businesses operate in virtual environments, often using smartphones and laptops.

Much has been written about the decline in traditional marketing methods like radio and print advertising. Even the most tech-savvy companies should not completely abandon all other forms of marketing. These are some old-fashioned marketing methods that still work well.

Conventional Wisdom

There will be a trade show or convention for you, no matter what industry. While some may view them as talk-fests, they can offer valuable networking opportunities and the chance to meet with your target audience. You only need a booth and some pull-up banners to draw the crowd.

Networking Events

The paradox is that the digital world has made promoting and organising networking events much easier. Web services like or Eventbrite give like-minded individuals and businesses the chance to network with others they might not otherwise be able to.

Referral groups

BNI has hundreds of thousands of members all over the globe. They encourage members to make meaningful connections and build new business opportunities through their networks. Referral-based marketing structures generate new business worth billions of dollars annually.

Press Releases

The humble press release is another traditional method that has benefited from the digital revolution. It can be picked up by thousands of online outlets around the globe, increasing its reach geographically and numerically. Many online press release services are available that can be accessed daily. Even small businesses have the opportunity to reach a global audience through these services.

Cold Calling

People rarely enjoy calling strangers and trying to sell them something. Although it’s not an easy job, cold calling is still alive. This tried-and-true method has been easier than any other. It is easier to locate important information to help you with your sales pitch by accessing prospective clients’ websites and social media accounts.

Print Advertising

“What?” I hear you asking! “I thought print had died?” But not so fast. It is clear that the rise of the internet has shaken the print media industry, and it is unlikely that it will ever recover its lost ground. There are some surprising benefits that businesses can take advantage of. First, advertisers have been scrambling to get rid of their print media readers, drastically lowering advertising prices. Even if a small business doesn’t have a profile, it may still be able to target the available readers.

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