WordPress reports that blog posts are viewed by 409 million people each month. If your business does not have a blog, you are missing the chance to reach a large audience and convert visitors into paying customers.

The key to writing successful blog posts is to get started. Optimizing blogs for small businesses is important in ensuring that people read your posts.

Learn how an online blog can benefit your business. Next, read my tips for creating engaging content.

The importance of small business blogs

Blogging on your website has many advantages.

Articles related to your small business can be written. This will help you establish authority in your field. Customers can also refer to your blog posts if they have any questions. A blog can also spark a conversation between customers and potential customers.

Businesses can create a blog for a variety of reasons. For example, blogs drive 55% more visitors to their websites than those without them. This allows you to promote your company’s products and services, gain new customers, and increase your bottom line.

Blogs for business can also improve the ranking of your website in search results. Your business should rank on page one of search results, not pages two and three. More clicks can be achieved by appearing higher in search results. Consider this: Would you search for something and want to browse through pages of search engine results page by page?

 Blogging Tips For Business

These tips can be used if you have decided to start a blog or need some help with your existing blog.

Blog Consistently

While you don’t need to be a consistent blogger, consistency is important. You shouldn’t publish four blog articles in a week and then nothing for the next two months. It will become stale if you don’t keep up with your blog postings.

It will be easier to blog if you do it often. For consistency, you might want to establish a posting schedule.

Some studies suggest that four times per week or sixteen times per month is the best. Companies publishing 16 blog posts per month saw almost 3.5 times the traffic as those publishing zero to four.

It’s not a good idea to dedicate your time to writing blog posts. Writing about your business is not your full-time job. It is important to set aside some time for blogging when you have the opportunity. You might also consider having an employee maintain your blog if possible.

My payroll and accounting software company, Patriot Software, posts approximately five times per week to keep our blogs updated with new content. Our blogs cover a wide range of topics, such as helping small business owners to create small-business growth strategies, manage their payroll, and understand accounting.

Optimized blog lengths

What length should a blog post be? Your blog posts should be long enough to contain all the information you wish to share with your readers. You need to ensure that you can include all the keywords you want without making your entire article a string.

You should make sure your articles are well-written and high quality. Do you think it is something you would enjoy reading?

Longer blog posts are more popular in search engines. According to one study, 10 of the top search engine results had articles with more than 2,000 words. You might have noticed that this article did not contain 2,000 words. Be careful not to scold me. I’m busy like you and articles don’t have to belong. Quality over quantity.

What about the title of a blog article? Not only are titles important for drawing the attention of potential readers, but also to attract the search engines’ eyes. Some sources reported that titles between six and thirteen were the most popular.

Answer Customer Questions

Your customers might be a great source of ideas for blog topics. You can get ideas from your customers by asking them questions related to your business and then brainstorming blog topics.

Your blog can answer customer questions. Answer common questions for your customers. It also helps you create actionable content that can be shared with others who have similar questions.

Invite Guest Contributors

Blogging can be time-consuming. You might consider inviting guest contributors to your blog to help you save time and to add fresh content.

It can be very beneficial to have a new perspective on business topics. It is possible to gain a fresh perspective.

An industry leader might be invited to write an article. You can also interview another business leader to write an article and then print it in question-and-answer format.

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