All customers are good clients. Maybe not all. There are customers, or former customers, that businesses choose not to do business with. For this article, we’ll assume that you are willing to do business in any way with anyone who approaches you.

All customers are good, I said. Some customers are still better than others. What makes them superior? They buy more from us. They spend more. Spending more money when purchasing. They are more easy to deal with. There are several reasons.

When trying to determine a good client by numbers, however, we tend to look at how much they spend. What is the average value of your customers? This is crucial, as you will need to add up all your customers to get an average customer. You can divide your customers into two groups: those who spend a large amount of money and those who pay less.

As a metaphor for teeth and dental health, which ones would you prefer to keep? The front teeth help bite, and the back teeth help chew. It’s a tough choice. You want them all. The same goes for customers.

Loyal clients tend to have a stronger emotional connection. They may have a personal relationship with someone in the company. It could be the comfort they get from a consistent and predictable experience. Many things connect customers with a company beyond the product and price.

On the other hand, there are your customers who may not visit you often or spend a lot of money with you. They still return now and then. These are also good customers.

A salesman in a men’s clothes store once sold me a dress shirt on sale. As I realized that my purchase was not large, I said, “Perhaps next time, I will see a suit or sports coat I like.” When I told the salesperson, he smiled and said, “If I had just 500 customers like you, then I would be the happiest seller in the store.” He was right. I went back and bought a suit. Since then, I have been buying his clothes.

He understood it. It was not how much I spent the first time. The important thing was that I represented his customer, no matter how little or much I spent. The point is to look after all your customers. Both the small and large ones. No matter how much money you spend, everyone should feel respected, appreciated, and happy.

Also, floss your teeth. It would be best if you floss all your teeth.

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